Finally came our teachers and all the students back and nøj, where have they been missing!

In my class we had already Thursday celebrated class leader's return is drawing a great welcome drawing on the blackboard.

Today was awarded stuff, expressed reunion and talked about lost time. My teacher colleague could start time back with the capture of mine and my colleague's experience and experiences the last month.
A month is a long time, and students have missed each other terribly.

Today was also the last real day 3. classes and I had my workshop filled from the start. Not with users but with 'my’ Rapper Kids, a bunch of jacks which I since January has worked with on a track. Today I then show them the video to their rap. A project I've worked hard all weekend to get ready for today. En afskedsgave fra mig 🙂

I return to the music project in an early post.

The day was first normal working day of a normal week, yet it is absolutely abnormal.
My class will probably first 'back to normal’ in a few weeks and in the morning we say goodbye to 3. classes. Wednesday starts the next generation so and SFO'ens cycle continues.
But no one can replace our outgoing 3. classes and shut up they will be missed – long!