With a week's delay, I started yesterday at the new school reform.

I began on Sunday to plan the details of my 2. great, and came quickly into the first problem.


We've got 5 hours weekly in preparation, and before I had seen me, had gone over 4.

With the new way of counting hours, rapidly occurs a bottleneck. Especially, because nobody comes to materials, we can build on, so everything must be created by myself.

Who would also come with it?

My colleagues – teachers and educators – crashing around and trying that now they will, and understand their own and others' roles.


In an attempt to create some kind of direction, my leadership announced that well-being is our focus in supporting teaching.

We also – graciously – been allowed to be in our primary classes. Those of us, which has such a.

Other thrown around like it now even fit, and I discovered today that I've actually helps on Tuesday!

No one who had told me, but it was a nice surprise.