What is it, happens to the head of – especially – boys?

In today's Berlingske says a 19-year-old girl totally unprovoked attack by unknown persons. Attack that started from one of the secret Facebook groups. Many 100 messages later, her job had been threatened, her parents have been exposed and her general life is pilloried because a bunch of teenage boys.

The police can almost nothing stand because. the amount of attack. Therefore, lawlessness and abuses person obviously a necessary evil we have to live with. Or what?
What is it we should find ourselves in?
Once self-regulation is the only way, To grab these thugs, which very rarely understand the scope of their 'pranks'. fools, who get a kick out of, sending brutal and sexual messages to one they have never met?

Grasp your boys, parents! Talk with them and understand their online universe as well as offline. The world cries out for more digital upbringing, and it begins in YOUR living room. Whatever, what you know about the subject or not. Let #stopdigitalmobning and promoting #digitalopdragelse