Ahhh! Then I came 'home’ again.
My workshop, min class, 'Mine’ children, my regular colleagues – exactly as it should be.

The day brought back routine, and my team was apparently just as relieved as I am to be back at our digital playground.
I threw myself immediately about updating computers and iPads, while the children were started to draw and make cartoons.

It's cool, at det er nået dertil hvor de kan klare sig selv og så stolt vise mig resultatet 🙂

Tomorrow we plan the new year of activities, and I go and plotting what to take from the past.

Last year's big success was cartoons. It just was not sat in a projektramme, so it will be a priority.

My started drawing course had to suffer death as life took over, and I know that many of the kids were really disappointed, that it was not carried out. Therefore, it is retried.

Last, but not least,, I believe that music on the iPad must have a second chance.
Last year's production with Rapper Kids was the luxury version of what can be done, but this year the focus must also be on enough Produktion.
One of the other teams at work making music with natural instruments, so maybe it should be run in parallel. Vi får se 🙂

My colleagues have got a taste and comes in bold initiatives, so I do not stand with al responsibility for the creative. It gives me a freer hand to do the second properly.

A new school year has started, and because the new school reform, and a school extension on my work, it is impossible to say what next year will bring.
Meanwhile I continue to teach children digital creativity and social ethics online!