There is already an app for everything.
Many of them seem serious and thoughtful, others are almost pure money machines with in-app purchase or annoying ads.
Advertising, which you can then buy from subsequent. If you are lucky.

As a consumer and a teacher, I will not stand for dung. Frankly.
What do I do to change it and influence? And others can not do the same?

The simple answer is yes, it may be other good.
The more detailed answer is yes, but it requires that you requires influence.

That I, through relationships with various interesting app developers and others who believe as I, makes my influence and use my expertise and experience, benefit for all.
It gives me opportunities to be involved in ways other than normal.

If the individual user to enter and use its influence often requires a lot more.
If you as a single user contacts a producer, it is up to the developer's willingness to what extent listening.

It helps when one is more of a contact, but it takes time and organization.
Of course you can appeal to all sorts of bodies, But what if you do not want to complain?
What if you're happy and just have good ideas?

We very much lacking in well-established groups whose goal is to create better and more useful apps.
Especially for Android.

Much can be said about Apple's way of doing things, but it seems.

I have long been shouting loudly about the apps iPads offer, and when, some months ago acquired me an Android tablet, it was with the hope of finding alternatives to the more expensive iPad.

It has so far proved to be a rather daunting task.

The number of indifferent and / or useless apps for Android is huge.
There is a gap between the good apps, especially for kids.
Just to find a good and simple tegneapp, which can actually more than just the basics, has proven to be extremely difficult. Tange nest to impossible.

Apps are becoming a normal thing in schools as well as private homes.
More and more municipalities decreases groups, to ensure quality and usability.
The government comes up with the idea but not so many genuine resources and tools. It is up to each municipality to reinvent the wheel – again and again.

It has to stop. Not.

If digital learning and creativity must go beyond a little fun with a digital platform, More is required.

I have made it my mission, to get done field stronger. Whether it requires, I participate in the development, I do it.

I am not alone and we are many, which are in the corners.
Now we are beginning to shout together rather than.

We must demand nothing!
I have started, and I hope more will follow the development does not stop.
The consumer, which ultimately controls the race because without them, no product.

Remember it, next time an app you bought drawers or look.
Write your opinion – either review the product, on the sociale media or til people like me.
Then something happens, and it's not just the grumpy or those who want to make money, if meaningful sounds.