20140522-201927-73167378.jpgAre you going to draw and want to make cartoons?
Are you between 8 and 14 years of age?
Do you have time Saturday d. 11/10 from 10:00-13:45?
Can you get to Copenhagen?
Then you need when on the course with me!
Through the app Doink I will teach you and max 7 other children how to make a real cartoon.
When the day is over, you will walk away with your own cartoons, and the ability to make even more.

It's hilarious, and costs only 299 kr. through AOF. See here for more info: http://www.aof-fk.dk/kurser/IT_EDB/Grundkurser/3872536/

You must bring your iPad, en iPad pen doink-videoblog_header(Stylus) and installing the app Doink.

I eventually learned that many children, so do not be one of the next?

To learn more, as you can see in these videos.

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