Green screen madness

It's been the most amazing day 🙂
We finally got time to do green screen and stop motion again, and like so many times before it developed. Explosive! (more…)

Stop motion with green screen – a review of project (NOT TRANSLATED)

Green difference

It may be hard to believe, but a small piece of green can make all the difference.

The technique has been used for film and television for years, and with the advent of 3D, it has become even more widespread.

As the creators of Doink animation app developed Green Screen by Doink was a perfect opportunity to further develop our workshop.

The success was to mark 🙂


The world destruction and Wormhole – children's videos

In connection with the animation course I care for the children at work, is getting finished products.
2 of the aspiring animators yesterday put the finishing touches in DoInk, gone in a closet to record sound and then I have been struggling together in iMovie.

The artists, Villy and Luke, and his friend Kalle and their parents have given me permission to share their beautiful work with you.

So enjoy the 3 2. class boys works.