Kursus i mini koderobotten Ozobot

Kursus i mini koderobotten Ozobot

Are you going with robots?

Do you want to learn how to code?

Are you between 7 and 16 years of age?

Do you have a mother / father / grandparent / sister / brother / friend or another, you will want to have fun with?

Have I time Saturday d. 15. august fra kl. 10:30 to 14:00?

Then be on course 🙂

I will teach you how to use the incredible smart, cute and funny Ozobots – better known as the world's smallest code robots!

By means of 29 pre-defined color codes can Ozobots performs everything from Tornado of Zig for spring.
It's hard to be bored in the company of the cool little robots!

The course is 3 1/2 hours including 30 my lunch break, where you are welcome to play on!

The course requires that you purchase a one Ozobot. It can either be ordered with the course or separately at hippomini.dk.

You will learn

  • How to use the robot
  • How to create excellent courses
  • Basic code understanding, which can be transferred to any other type of code learning
  • Sequence Understanding – the ability to anticipate and understand why the robot does and

You get

  • Custom made booklet in Danish with instruction to Ozobots, good advice, codes and paves the robot

You can

  • Buy 1 or 2 Ozobots related to the course, if you do not want to acquire one before

The course costs 400 kr. without Ozobots.

Ozobots available as single or twin pack, respectively,. 370 for 1 or 720 kr. for 2.

Are you ready? Book space here https://billetto.dk/da/events/kursus-i-minirobotter-for-2.
Otherwise, have a look at the video below, where I show the little wonders forward



A creative process in LEGO Mindstorms EV3 part 1

A creative process in LEGO Mindstorms EV3 part 1

On Monday, I was lucky enough to spend the day with a bunch of my former colleagues from Frederiksberg municipality.

The occasion was the first part of a LEGO Mindstorms EV3 superuser course. A sort of culmination of the work I prev. participated in, to promote the use of robots in the municipality. (more…)

Mindstorms EV3 – difference between EDU and normal

Mindstorms EV3 – difference between EDU and normal

When I started out with Mindstorms EV3 robots, it was with a set purchased in a normal online shop.
The software was available through LEGO's website, and the focus was clearly on the cool robots. EDU version was still unknown to me.
Now I had both hands, and therefore I would like to compare them. For there is a difference.

#Briefly laerfest15

#Briefly laerfest15

I apologize in advance, but I have to start with a LEGO the Movie reference:

SPACESHIIIIP! Or – in my case – ROBOTTEEEEER! And code pirates…