Sommerkursus: 3D begynderkursus for 10 to 16 year

Sommerkursus: 3D begynderkursus for 10 to 16 year

Are you between 10 and 16 years of age?

Vil du lære at lave 3D i det gratis 3D program Blender?
Do you have your own laptop, or you can borrow one?

Then you should participate in this kursus!

The course is held at Kulturhuset Islands Brygge, Thursday. 30. July 2015 from pm. 11 to 14:30.
Price is 400 kr. per barn.

During the 3 hours, when excluding the lunch break, you will learn to use the program.
You will learn, how to create characters, colorize and sets the stage with camera and lights.
Are we lucky, we can also reach the first animation, but it is not a promise.

One thing I can promise you: I give you the tools and knowledge to, to go from the course and be able to make the start of your own 3D universe. Even if you start using it in movies or pictures – it is up to you!

The course is only for children, but parents must continue to look with. If they can keep their hands to themselves 😉
In order to implement it must be at least 8 children / adolescents, and there can be a maximum of 12.

The course is based on many years of education of children and youth, and used every week at the Association Coding Pirates. Unfortunately, not everyone can come up with that, and therefore I offer it now as independent course.

Registration and payment can be made via Billetto

For or against? Digitalitet under 5 years of age

The media loves to write about it. Professionals love to have an opinion about it. Parents love to hear about it. Children – well, they love it just. Their world has become more and more digital, and nothing indicates that it stops. After a 24 hour debate on Twitter about the subject for or against digitalitet in nurseries and kindergartens, I was inspired to make the following video blog.

Terror explained on a half minutes

Terror explained on a half minutes

It has been intense 24 hours. On top of the terrible events of the weekend, I decided that animation was necessary.
There are probably many children, are left with the question “What terror?” The samples I am here to answer.