Your digital child

Your digital child

Your Digital Child

Digital childhood and digital education is one of my main issues, and especially in recent years, the need was great.

You will find a lot of articles written on the subject.

When children and young people share illegal

It has long been one of the huge problems among youth online; the ability to, sharing very intimate photographs and videos without consent. Now is approached by Facebook led to Denmark's biggest case of illegal image / video sharing among young. And excuse my ...

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Mobile Theft in connection with schools

In the debate on mobile phone free school and collection of mobiles, here's a small Obstructions. To 4. classes were allegedly stolen their total collected mobiles on Sundbyøster School Amager Friday. 18.11.17.In a debate on the Facebook group Amager tells a user ...

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Can screen time delay young children's speech?

On December 4. maj blev der på ‘2017 Pediatric Academic Societies Meeting’, held in San Francisco, presented a report pointing to, to 'screen time' for very young children can delay their ability, at tale. As this study appeared on social media was my first ...

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Unmotivated bully attack from Facebook

What is it, happens to the head of – especially – boys?
In today's Berlingske says a 19-year-old girl totally unprovoked attack by unknown persons. Attack that started from one of the secret Facebook groups. Many 100 messages later, her job had been threatened, her parents have been exposed and her general life is pilloried because a bunch of teenage boys.

The police can almost nothing stand because. the amount of attack. Therefore, lawlessness and abuses person obviously a necessary evil we have to live with. Or what?
What is it we should find ourselves in?
Once self-regulation is the only way, To grab these thugs, which very rarely understand the scope of their 'pranks'. fools, who get a kick out of, sending brutal and sexual messages to one they have never met?

Grasp your boys, parents! Talk with them and understand their online universe as well as offline. The world cries out for more digital upbringing, and it begins in YOUR living room. Whatever, what you know about the subject or not. Let #stopdigitalmobning and promoting #digitalopdragelse

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Digital upbringing in Radio 24syv

Today I was inside at Radio24syv program ForældreIntra for, to talk about children, parents and their digital world.

Along with author and lecturer Lykke Møller Kristensen, copyright woman to parents the book Children and digital media, we were facing myths and facts.
The two hosts, Kirstine Vinderskov and René Fredensborg, it was a very interesting chatter, which can be heard on Saturday or later on podcast.

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Recently I started a collaboration with some other passionate tech learning geeks – KUBO.
We will together work on the topic 'Learning to learn', and the occasion, I have just published my first English-language article.
The touch one of my favorite topics – digital upbringing.
I will in future write some more for them, and look forward to, to support their development.

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When Barbie and Dino speaks igen

This past year, toy companies presented us with it, apparently is the ultimate interactive toy. But are we ready for the type of data exchange with toy manufacturers, and what it can mean for our children? I throw a blik on 2 to store...

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Technology and difficult emotions

We have come a long way from the days, where children and young people could call an impartial adult children phone. Today invented constantly new ways to reach vulnerable, bored or confused children and adolescents. When problems raised in game form as late as I had today ...

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For or against? Digitalitet under 5 years of age

The media loves to write about it. Professionals love to have an opinion about it. Parents love to hear about it. Children - well, they love it just. Their world has become more and more digital, and nothing indicates that it stops. After a 24 hour debate on Twitter about the subject of ...

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It still applies: Just relax

In the afternoon I had the pleasure to spend hours with several smart people, which is about to harm a guide for parents about their children's media use. Among DR, Save the Children and representatives of the school and education. It is 2 years since I last attended ...

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Tablets can cause harm

In the past week, there has been intense media attention on the study, indicating that the use of tablet may harm children. My first reaction? I give the study right. Studies with widely scattered facts, it is far from the first time that studies like this ...

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Fighting frivolous, bad apps

There is already an app for everything. Many of them seem serious and thoughtful, others are almost pure money machines with in-app purchase or annoying ads. Advertising, which you can then buy from subsequent. If you are lucky. As a consumer and a teacher will ...

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Why the word 'learning game’ must fire! Or at least dropped

It is one of the buzz word, flying through the air. Constant! Det er and hit, to teach children through play, and as a digital advocate I can only welcome development. However.. For the men he et.. The approach is being screwed. My mother always taught me that words have ...

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The girl with something to say

The girl with something to say

Self-portrait by Julie

Julie is as such an ordinary girl 16 years of age. Of the, where she differs from most other teenage girls, that her life has been harder than any child in Denmark should experience. Since she was 9 years of age, she has been in residence places outside the family. We first met in June.

Before the summer started I a collaboration with Dell EMC about Hylleholt residence for girls in Faxe Ladeplads.

A place, where girls between 13 and 22 years old, when it is no longer possible to stay solid at home. Common to them is, that they have experienced failure time and time again, and therefore end up in the category 'neglected children and young people'. I went there, to give a presentation for the girls.
target: Giving them the opportunity, getting just a bit of power over their often powerless life.
Midlet: Technology.

This article is made with the consent of Julie – one of the bravest girls I have long met.


Mobile Theft in connection with schools

Mobile Theft in connection with schools

In the debate about mobile phone free school and collection of mobiles, here's a small Obstructions.

To 4. classes were allegedly stolen their total collected mobiles on Sundbyøster School Amager Friday. 18.11.17.

Facebook debateIn a discussion of Facebook group Amager tells a user about the episode, which of course creates resentment and anger. In order to make stop motion – who would steal from children?

A parent reports in the thread that her daughter saw an unknown man do it, suggesting, it is not employed. Thankfully when. Police have not yet commented on the incident, but hopefully there will be something soon.

The problem here is diverse, and it calls into question many things.

No.. 1: How is it possible at all to get near mobiles?

Were they locked up and they were good enough read inside? An ordinary school locker can easily be opened, and an unprotected and open classroom is a small matter to move unseen in. The school had a policy of rules for maintaining the, and it had taken a position on safety?

I'm afraid the answer is probably no. Schools have no experience, capacity and equipped to handle the valuables of the amount, as an entire class mobiles are. It's a new issue, as many do not have imagined could happen. Which brings me to problem No.. 2:

No.. 2: How do we ensure that this kind does not happen, and who is responsible here?

Because mobiles are private property, the school has no liability, which puts a new question the trend of collection. If to be collected, how should it be done with acceptable safety? This kind of theft can not happen, but it is a real danger, which now brings parents in a challenged economic situation. It is their own insurance, which will replace the mobiles, but the companies have precedent and experience, to address the matter? It is not always, that your insurance covers stolen items outside the home.

I would like to go beyond the point of view 'so they can resist, to take them 'and talk about the factual problem. Many times it is school policy, the children to have their own equipment. still without, that schools are responsible for a packed technology. It is something of a dilemma.

How do we ensure that this kind does not happen? I feel sorry for those poor teachers, who must handle the situation with children, has been robbed in their own school and parents, which now must find the right grimace to the whole situation. That brings me to the issue 3:

No.. 3: Who directed shit storm now against?

The school must now stand skoleret, and what should this kind of precedent teach us? Authority for the school has dropped dramatically, and it is common to both students and parents confronted school staff.

Neither the teachers or school management expect responsiveness here, and we can not expect that weak souls just leave not steal another time. Those poor kids' mobiles gives an idiot money in your pocket, and as long as they are easy to get to, it will happen again. It's easy money. Many of them.

If we look at the average value of an entire class mobile phones, 28 STKS with a head weight of iPhones and other expensive smart phones in different variations, we talk staggering amount of 6 figures. An old iPhone can be sold for more 1000 kr. ($199), so it is a lucrative business.

No.. 4: So what do we do now?

There is a clear need for collection of more schools, since they choose to do so. Mobile is here to stay, and we have to deal with the new problems that come with.

Once again comes the development and its consequences behind us, and we must adapt to new.

Had mobiles lying in the children's bags, theft had been far more costly in time and opportunity, to be discovered. In other words, the collection is easier to steal them to school tomorrow small unguarded moments. There must be resolved, as to become a normal part of the school mobile policy.

It was the first and most obvious problems. Allow me to take the consequences of this kind of theft one step further. Not before, to be alarmist but, to take the worst case scenario also. When I, with many years of experience in children and technique can think tank, people with deleting scenes also make it.

No.. 5: What about the problem areas by, that strangers have children mobiles?

I expect, of course, the children have codes on the phones and, therefore, it is not easy to get into, but will enter, then there are many methods. Without loss of the data on your phone, and data – whatever form – is valuable. In other words, not only the mobile phone, having a value. To know, what children are doing and on the mobile phone can be used for many things, and not everyone is particularly pleasant to contemplate.

Therefore, I hope, the parents of children with the stolen mobiles have changed password ALT, what the children. Social Media, games and all other kinds of apps using the login. ALT. For access to these must not fall into the murky human hands.

The mobile phone is a very private piece of technology, as we design their own preference and behavior. We must be ready to, that our use new situations and we are not prepared, we must learn from our experiences.

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When Barbie and Dino speaks igen

When Barbie and Dino speaks igen

This past year, toy companies presented us with it, apparently is the ultimate interactive toy.
But are we ready for the type of data exchange with toy manufacturers, and what it can mean for our children?

I throw a blik on 2 two major players in this new branch of toys, and the consequences of use.


Dear teaching- and uddannelsesministre

Today was the new government formed, and a tough election campaign ended with a minority government.

As a player in training and education;, I am very concerned about the new ministers, Now that new task and legacy.

Unfortunately, both very unknown candidates, with backgrounds as far from reassuring.

Education Minister, Esben Lunde Larsen, is a theologian, Deputy Mayor and openly against gay church marriages.
Minister of Education, Ellen Trane Nørby, er when. MA in art history with political science to option.

None of them have practical or theoretical experience in their new responsibilities, and it is disturbing.

But as I said, the unknown, and I'm willing to let them prove their worth.

Therefore, I have spoken to both ministers and asked them to inform, what their qualifications are.

Screenshot 2015-06-28 pm. 11.16.27

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