Rapper Kids – Music on iPad and Mac

“EVE! When you write about us?”

Samuel, Modouba and Benjamin was on the trip from the club with the sole purpose to visit me (acc. the selv). Fedterøve * melt *. They had come rushing in with open arms and I got a group hug of 3 10-year-old kids. It rarely happens 🙂

In addition to questioning me about when I publish my article about them and our project, I was introduced to their newest rap. Samuel was a little hesitant but Modouba struck uncertainty over the “only Eva”, and then I got the uncensored version.

My therapist heart melt a little when pups I have helped along the way come and show me yourself, even after they are stopped at SFO. It shows what my duties are to 🙂


Rapper Kids – The 2

In the context of a music project on the iPad with a bunch of 10-year-old, this video was created.

Read more about the project here.

It also created a 'behind the scenes’ video about the project.