Woman Know Your iPad

Woman Know Your iPad

This is a course for you, who are accustomed to using an iPad or iPhone, but actually are not aware of, what 'is under the hood'.

During the 2 hours, you and other women will be guided through the back end of the operating system iOS in a safe environment. Whether it's an iPad or iPhone is basically the same.

Many women use daily their iPad / iPhone.
It has been our calendar, our game and our typewriter.

Many women have the opportunity to implement only a superficial knowledge of their iPad / iPhone. Where to watch for settings, change settings, etc., leaving it to others.

Often, the reasons, the woman can not or will find out.
But - what can and should be able to
Therefore, I will help you safely on the road. Woman to woman.

This is a course, which gives YOU power over your device.

You - Not your spouse, girlfriend, colleague or your children.

Price: 250 kr. per person, minimum 10 women
Billet: https://billetto.dk/da/events/kkid
Time: 28.11.15 from 10 to 12
Place: Laplandsgade 4, 2300 Copenhagen S
Contact me paedagonok@evafog.dk or 20215121 for nærmere info!

If you want to have the course to your city? Please contact me at the above info for a quote.

Kursus i mini koderobotten Ozobot

Kursus i mini koderobotten Ozobot

Are you going with robots?

Do you want to learn how to code?

Are you between 7 and 16 years of age?

Do you have a mother / father / grandparent / sister / brother / friend or another, you will want to have fun with?

Have I time Saturday d. 15. august fra kl. 10:30 to 14:00?

Then be on course 🙂

I will teach you how to use the incredible smart, cute and funny Ozobots – better known as the world's smallest code robots!

By means of 29 pre-defined color codes can Ozobots performs everything from Tornado of Zig for spring.
It's hard to be bored in the company of the cool little robots!

The course is 3 1/2 hours including 30 my lunch break, where you are welcome to play on!

The course requires that you purchase a one Ozobot. It can either be ordered with the course or separately at hippomini.dk.

You will learn

  • How to use the robot
  • How to create excellent courses
  • Basic code understanding, which can be transferred to any other type of code learning
  • Sequence Understanding – the ability to anticipate and understand why the robot does and

You get

  • Custom made booklet in Danish with instruction to Ozobots, good advice, codes and paves the robot

You can

  • Buy 1 or 2 Ozobots related to the course, if you do not want to acquire one before

The course costs 400 kr. without Ozobots.

Ozobots available as single or twin pack, respectively,. 370 for 1 or 720 kr. for 2.

Are you ready? Book space here https://billetto.dk/da/events/kursus-i-minirobotter-for-2.
Otherwise, have a look at the video below, where I show the little wonders forward



Minecraft 3D kursus – learn how to make shapes and blocks

Minecraft 3D kursus – learn how to make shapes and blocks

Are you between 10 and 16 years of age, you may come summer course on Tuesday. 7/7 in Copenhagen from 10:30 to 14 the library at Rentemestervej.

Learn to make Steve, Alex og dine egne figurer i Blender 3D, and makes them ready to make animations with!

You will learn that:

  • How to create a figure
  • How to create a block
  • How farvelægger
  • How rigs – figure makes ready for animation
  • How do you put a scene with light and camera

Er du Minecraft fan, this is for you! The price is only 400 kr. ($199), and you do not have your own computer!
You borrow a laptop while you're there, and it does not cost extra.

The course takes 3 1/2 time, including 30 minute lunch break.
Parents are welcome but will not be taught.

There may be max 10 children, and requires at least 6 til for, that the course is offered.

Book space here https://billetto.dk/da/events/minecraft-3d

If you really want to learn how to make 3D, this kursus not enough.
Fortunately, you can then sign up for both this course, and a complete beginners course at the same time AND save money!

Book tickets now here: https://billetto.dk/da/events/minecraft-3d

I hold for beginners Thursday. 30. July 2015 from pm. 11 to 14:30.
Read more about this course here http://paedagonok.evafog.dk/?p=4851

Sommerkursus: 3D begynderkursus for 10 to 16 year

Sommerkursus: 3D begynderkursus for 10 to 16 year

Are you between 10 and 16 years of age?

Vil du lære at lave 3D i det gratis 3D program Blender?
Do you have your own laptop, or you can borrow one?

Then you should participate in this kursus!

The course is held at Kulturhuset Islands Brygge, Thursday. 30. July 2015 from pm. 11 to 14:30.
Price is 400 kr. per barn.

During the 3 hours, when excluding the lunch break, you will learn to use the program.
You will learn, how to create characters, colorize and sets the stage with camera and lights.
Are we lucky, we can also reach the first animation, but it is not a promise.

One thing I can promise you: I give you the tools and knowledge to, to go from the course and be able to make the start of your own 3D universe. Even if you start using it in movies or pictures – it is up to you!

The course is only for children, but parents must continue to look with. If they can keep their hands to themselves 😉
In order to implement it must be at least 8 children / adolescents, and there can be a maximum of 12.

The course is based on many years of education of children and youth, and used every week at the Association Coding Pirates. Unfortunately, not everyone can come up with that, and therefore I offer it now as independent course.

Registration and payment can be made via Billetto https://billetto.dk/da/events/3d-begynderkursus-for-boern-og-unge

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