Stop Motion and children – Learn How

Stop motion video - Lucas 10 years of age

Stop motion video – Lucas 10 years of age

Most children or those young at heart have met stop motion in some shape or form.
Whether in the form of the original Godzilla film, Shaun the Sheep, Coraline or any of the fantastic projects from Aardman Animations, it has existed long before 3D special effects were possible.

Even today it is an art which many insist on sticking to, and I do understand why.
It is so cool!


Animation Course for children

Animation Course for children

It has been 2015 and time for the first course is ready for registration!

In the case of a 2-part course, to be held Saturday. 21/2 and Saturday d. 21/3. Both days from 10-13:40 Frederiksberg.

As always, there is room for 8 children, and it is in collaboration with AOF.

See more here

Remember, that there has been a lot of Doink app, so there is a lot new to learn 😉

PGN Advent Calendar 2014 – the finished film

PGN Advent Calendar 2014 – the finished film

Merry Christmas! Here is the finished video, created through 14 tutorials in Pave Advent Calendar. To see the complete, so look here.

This video also has a small Christmas present for android owners: An animation created in the app FlipaClip, which finally makes it possible for anyone to animate. Also on android 🙂

Once again,; Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.