Stop Motion and children – Learn How

Stop motion video - Lucas 10 years of age

Stop motion video – Lucas 10 years of age

Most children or those young at heart have met stop motion in some shape or form.
Whether in the form of the original Godzilla film, Shaun the Sheep, Coraline or any of the fantastic projects from Aardman Animations, it has existed long before 3D special effects were possible.

Even today it is an art which many insist on sticking to, and I do understand why.
It is so cool!


Behind the work

Saying, I am privileged in what I do, are shown mildly.

Work to invent, develop, implement and teach digital pedagogy is nothing short of amazing.

I get to use my hobbies in my work. It's not so bad 🙂


Android apps – the chase is on

Android apps – the chase is on

After having tried, I've bought an android tablet I have begun to explore the market.
There are so many apps and the market is more confusing than the iPad.
Much can be said about Apple, but they do a great job to sort the wheat from the chaff.


Green screen madness

It's been the most amazing day 🙂
We finally got time to do green screen and stop motion again, and like so many times before it developed. Explosive! (more…)

Stop motion with green screen – a review of project (NOT TRANSLATED)

Green difference

It may be hard to believe, but a small piece of green can make all the difference.

The technique has been used for film and television for years, and with the advent of 3D, it has become even more widespread.

As the creators of Doink animation app developed Green Screen by Doink was a perfect opportunity to further develop our workshop.

The success was to mark 🙂