Ikke hacking – modding

Ikke hacking – modding

When I was a child…

Well, it is never a good starting point for any kind of informative narrative.

Nevertheless, I have to, pulling clichéen out of the bag, slam it on the table and stand by the.
For I am once again ended there, where my ancient concepts and anecdotes must give way to new knowledge.

Guskelov for det!


For or against? Digitalitet under 5 years of age

The media loves to write about it. Professionals love to have an opinion about it. Parents love to hear about it. Children – well, they love it just. Their world has become more and more digital, and nothing indicates that it stops. After a 24 hour debate on Twitter about the subject for or against digitalitet in nurseries and kindergartens, I was inspired to make the following video blog.

Signs Films' final projects’ for 1. classes

In the past 3 weeks I have collected 7 1. grade students 1 hour every Monday, for at the Laere animationens art.
As always, we used iPads and Doink app, and yesterday they were all finished their 'graduation'.
A small animation based on the skills they had.
Here, the 7 results.