Build a 3D tree in Blender

Build a 3D tree in Blender

In this video tutorial I show, how to relatively quickly make a cartoon tree in Blender 2.73a.
My starting point is the following list of shortcuts, and otherwise require this tutorial is nothing more than the latest version of the free 3D program Blender from


App Smashing - App-what?

App Smashing - App-what?

You may have heard the term before. Maybe it's gibberish in your ears. Maybe you're one of the lucky ones, who actually have an idea about, what it is.

Nomatter what, I will explain the concept here.

The direct translation of App smashing is, to smash apps – ipad / tablet / mobilprogrammer – together.
Not a pretty picture, but nevertheless it is a really good concept, as many of us already use.

The word implies, You mix 2 or more app-products to achieve a final result.
In fact, many of us in everyday life without, think about it.

For example,. app smashing, when you take a picture on your phone and put it into an email or text.
Or, if you put a picture on Facebook, you have taken with your phone.
Og all the, taking pictures of food, and puts them up Instagram. The app also smasher.
You have used 2 apps – ergo har du app smashed

In modern terminology, the word, when it requires more apps to create a finished product.
I app smasher example., when making stop motion on green screen with audio.

It requires a minimum of 3 apps, if it should be done properly: En stop motion app, en green screen app og en videoredigerings app.

The combinations are endless, and it is really up to each individual to make the best of it!

But, why even mention the word?
Because one can not avoid the word, progressively.
At least not, if you are dealing with modern teaching and learning methods to do.

Abroad it is large, and indiscriminately mixing.
In Denmark, we are not so quick to just take it to us, but it is here, and it is here to stay.

Someone will then ask – gee, we have not mixed programs together for years?
The! We have. And then, there were no apps, but applications / programs, it was just something 'you did'.

How it's often. We get new word for anything we have done before, but nonetheless, it is important, that we speak the same language.

Therefore – next time you take a picture with your phone or tablet, sends it or edit it in another app – so at, at du app smasher.

Stop Motion and children – Learn How

Stop motion video - Lucas 10 years of age

Stop motion video – Lucas 10 years of age

Most children or those young at heart have met stop motion in some shape or form.
Whether in the form of the original Godzilla film, Shaun the Sheep, Coraline or any of the fantastic projects from Aardman Animations, it has existed long before 3D special effects were possible.

Even today it is an art which many insist on sticking to, and I do understand why.
It is so cool!