A creative process in LEGO Mindstorms EV3 part 2

A creative process in LEGO Mindstorms EV3 part 2

As I told the this article, I have gone for thought regarding. a creative process with LEGO Mindstorms EV3.

The premise is as follows:

A gradient, I generally leave the programming being outside art part but, I will support digital creation processes, and encourage children's natural ability to fall in love with robots.
It becomes art, design and social skills in the first place.


Build a 3D tree in Blender

Build a 3D tree in Blender

In this video tutorial I show, how to relatively quickly make a cartoon tree in Blender 2.73a.
My starting point is the following list of shortcuts, and otherwise require this tutorial is nothing more than the latest version of the free 3D program Blender from http://blender.org.


My first week as coding pirate

My first week as coding pirate

Ever since the project Coding Pirates started, I have wanted to participate.

Back then, I was just not able to find time for it, but I have followed the sideline of the year, is now gone.

So it was with great joy and pleasure, I on Wednesday stepped in as a volunteer teacher for the first time.

I had the pleasure, working with another volunteer, where we taught the children to work in blender. He has worked with them long, and it was a pleasure to watch, how he worked.

While his approach is more technical aspects, is my based on modeling and scene setup, so therefore amounted we have a really good team. I look forward to working more with him and the kids.

In addition, I also met some really fun children, had started to work with Minecraft.

I myself play Minecraft long, but I have never worked with the part, acting on programming. It's a part I would like to start, so that's why I did it I found the best: So what the kids did, and asked them for advice. It was a great experience to see, how they are small fry around 10-12 años now, playing with code like the most natural.

I was standing behind a boy, which was started with Minecraft.

With lightning-fast fingers, he opened a command prompt and typed codes.

Then he pressed the Enter, and something new was possible in the game.

“Now, so you hacker it simply”, I said to the boy. He looked puzzled at me. “No, I simply enter the code here”, then he showed me the very long and very cumbersome code. The boy did not realize, that he did actually termed as a hack.

Or, it did at least at the time I started working with code. Nowadays been called the mind mod'e, when you make these code changes. But nevertheless understood the boy, that if he wrote some other codes would things change. The children here are learning so much without actually aware, to the learning. Right in my spirit!

My work as a code pirate is a perfect opportunity for, to convey to some lovely children, who really want it!

Tuesday and Wednesday next week I join my 'colleagues’ on Learning Festival in Bella Center, where we show what we expose children.

I bring my 'dog', a Mindstorms robot EV3, and there comes second to the collection 🙂

I am already looking forward to next time to be nørdes with kids!