The story about the test of the Danish Sculpto 3D Printer

The story about the test of the Danish Sculpto 3D Printer

I love 3D.

Ever since I first met program Maya around 2003, I have been sold. All aspects of my equal parts creative and geeky being caught instantly possibilities.

After several year hiatus due to lack of access to software (which cost much money), I was introduced to it for free 3D program Blender and that was it. No turning back. Below you can see 4 examples of, what I did.

A look-up divided by Eva Fog (paedagonok) the

A look-up divided by Eva Fog (paedagonok) the

With the years I met it for free – and easy – online 3D program, I have since used for teaching children and beginners. It is for teaching in 3D design and printing with Digi Pippi School, I got the opportunity to borrow a brand new Sculpto. A Danish produced 3D Printer, as a printer of a circular plate moving, and only costs about 3000 kr. Because yes, in 3D printers 3000 kr little. At least if they should come together. One of Sculptos strongest selling points is its easy connectivity. one account, and printer. Fast departure via mobile app or web browser. Plug and Play outside, that one should consider that much. Far down the road this argument but… but there is a. Unfortunately it is not without problems, and for a complete novice would be part pitfalls.


Before I go in depth with them, I will tell about my first and initial attempts.

The setup was easy, and after some banter with getting the filament (print thread) to 'be eaten’ (Sculptos app uses the word – very funny!), I printed something through Thingiverse. En 3D portal, as free give access to others' designs. It requires a separate login, but otherwise smoothly. Printer you away, there is not much that can go wrong. It seems like, to Sculpto have sorted the portal designs and only show them, that can fit. Absolutely fine for beginners. For the more experienced, there is the option to print their own designs. Enough about it now. The quality of print is, what I would expect from a product in the price range: fine but not fantastic. For thicker constructions are the best, and 'normal’ Print setup is very solid. Small and fine detail is possible, but there is a fairly large margin of error. The bigger the print is, the better the low details. Again – good quality for the price. With practice, you can fine-tune your designs, so they have greater success, but it is something that happens with experience. Sculptos smart printing method is the strength as well as weakness. The PCB is rye and rotates while printing. An arm moving in a semicircle from side to side and up and with. This makes it possible to print a lot, but doing some annoying errors. For instance,. the arm has a tendency to encounter and then sliding the PCB. inside the Facebook groups sculpto groups they have found a solution which consists in, that files a few mm of fan plastic. Sculptos CEO Simon Breum Fisker guarantee, it does not affect the warranty that makes it. Again, we are out in a solution, As a beginner probably will have trouble figuring out, and speaks against Plug and Play concept. When I started to print with Sculptoen, I used the included filament and PCB. It was far from a simple experience, when I walked away from a super simple design from Thingiverse. PCBs failed time and time again, even if I went to work systematically and tried me with different options and solutions. For instance,. I was advised to enter into squares, which helped but did not result acceptable. I was disappointed, irritated and grumpy, and after several days of tests I was ready to give up. Instead, I gave it all a second chance, and upon request from Sculpto request new filament and a new printing plate. That helped! In any case, the quality of printed. It did not help my problems with offset printing and the problem with print higher than 5 cm. I have so far refused to hone in on the, for it is to leave the principle of simplicity. Unfortunately, I probably have it, because the amount of experience speaks for it.

All in all, my final assessment of Sculpto 3D Printer, it is fine for the price but unfortunately not as simple to use as envisaged for.

Are you not afraid to adjust printer, you can get a lot of good out of it, but it is contrary to the plug and play angle, the company proposes to. As a more demanding user, there are too many things that just do not play when it should, and considering, the printer is purchased by a municipality for school, hit the crossbar. It's really boring having to write it, I want so much to be positive about the product!

The ideas is great. Access is good. The design is exciting. The price is good. It is a Danish startup, behind.
Unfortunately, the – My optics – designed for fun use at home. Required more, must be willing to, to set aside time to review the group on Facebook or YouTube tutorials, to solve the problems arising.

For school, I can not recommend it. Although I know some, who use them successfully, I am sadly familiar with much more, which has a less favorable impression. There are printers with greater stability and opportunity, to connect to different computers and tablets without having to log in and out, til the. the same price. Although misprints are a part of life with 3D printing, frejlraten should really not exceed the success rate.
At the same time the time required to setup, konfiurering and monitoring been quite low, that it can pay off in a busy school or institutionsdag.

Sculpto not live up to this challenge. For me cou the gras'et when I tried to print a plate full of letters out, and the failed spekatulært. There was, I unpacked the printer and gave it back to school, I borrowed it from. They had already returned the remaining purchased at the same time by, the municipality's Education IT consultant had similar disappointing experiences with them.

My hope is right now, at der kommer en Sculpto version 2, which takes all the current error into consideration and find solutions to them. A trip on Facebook Sculpto Group shows the same mistakes again and again, which unfortunately is not good enough for me.

See all the pictures from my test week here

Minecraft 3D kursus – learn how to make shapes and blocks

Minecraft 3D kursus – learn how to make shapes and blocks

Are you between 10 and 16 years of age, you may come summer course on Tuesday. 7/7 in Copenhagen from 10:30 to 14 the library at Rentemestervej.

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You will learn that:

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  • How to create a block
  • How farvelægger
  • How rigs – figure makes ready for animation
  • How do you put a scene with light and camera

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The course takes 3 1/2 time, including 30 minute lunch break.
Parents are welcome but will not be taught.

There may be max 10 children, and requires at least 6 til for, that the course is offered.

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Sommerkursus: 3D begynderkursus for 10 to 16 year

Sommerkursus: 3D begynderkursus for 10 to 16 year

Are you between 10 and 16 years of age?

Vil du lære at lave 3D i det gratis 3D program Blender?
Do you have your own laptop, or you can borrow one?

Then you should participate in this kursus!

The course is held at Kulturhuset Islands Brygge, Thursday. 30. July 2015 from pm. 11 to 14:30.
Price is 400 kr. per barn.

During the 3 hours, when excluding the lunch break, you will learn to use the program.
You will learn, how to create characters, colorize and sets the stage with camera and lights.
Are we lucky, we can also reach the first animation, but it is not a promise.

One thing I can promise you: I give you the tools and knowledge to, to go from the course and be able to make the start of your own 3D universe. Even if you start using it in movies or pictures – it is up to you!

The course is only for children, but parents must continue to look with. If they can keep their hands to themselves 😉
In order to implement it must be at least 8 children / adolescents, and there can be a maximum of 12.

The course is based on many years of education of children and youth, and used every week at the Association Coding Pirates. Unfortunately, not everyone can come up with that, and therefore I offer it now as independent course.

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