In the past week, there has been intense media attention on A study, indicating that the use of tablet may harm children.
My first reaction? I give the study right.

Studies with widely scattered facts

It is far from the first time that studies like this pops up, and there is a fierce battle between proponents and opponents.
Facts are just, that we do not yet know enough to know, what is demonstrably harmful or beneficial.
There are plenty of people around the world, who do their best to provide the data, but it takes years to create enough.

Until then it is up to each individual to see through the temporary studies, which will.
And even after as, critical, since studies can be performed in many ways.
An old proverb says, that there are as many opinions, as bottoms (nicely reformulated).
The same applies to the ways of, conduct experiments on.

Poor experiments

A good example was DR3's program Experiment – is violent video games harmful?
Their angle was evident from the start, and lacked real scientific work methods.

In this vein, the study created a new stream of need, uttering or create opinions.
I.e. took TV2's Go'aften topic up with an angle, I found unsubtle.
Specifically, I refer to the interview with a mother, which has had major problems with his son to kindergarten age.
He was beginning to lose interest in general play, and became violent aggressive when required to stop the use of his iPad.

The interview lacked purely psychological angle, why the child reacted so strongly.
I am well aware, that in this type of interview is not the time for it, but when the common man and woman must form an opinion, it is in such programs they receive knowledge.

The mother had chosen ban and subsequent restrictions. In taktik, which could be unnecessarily, if they had taken the digital education more seriously from the start.

Den Virtual Wall

We are back to the wall, I seemed to encounter time after time: lack of digital education.
A topic, I have written about in many different ways by now.

The aforementioned mother has hardly had any ideas about, how her son's consumption should be, and the role she played in the.
My experience is, that it makes too many parents do not, when it comes to digital services.
It is getting better in the use of Internet, but it comes on the back of many parents that it is a focus area.
Not, that they are unaware of that area exists. They just do not know where to start, or how.

Articles on digital education

In an article I wrote in 2013 dealing with children's digital playground, is one of my pointer to Prohibition has never helped to promote communication.
The same year I gave good advice on the digital – and strictly necessary – upbringing, I gave 4 specific guidelines, as adults should follow.
There is also advice for kids (and their parents) article Pedagogy in cyberspace.

Large amounts of damage often

It is common sense, that everything in excessive amounts can damage.
Even carrots are unhealthy, if you consume Kg every day.

Tablet, mobiles and other interactive offers major impact on children's brains.
Several researchers have produced theories about, the children get huge strong stimuli from the interactive media.
Exactly, as if they responded to another person's face or an interaction with a toy, achieves kids stimuli.

They relate strongly to their digital toys, and in practice can play with them even for hours.
This is where the issue with Kristi's choice lies, that problems arise – especially in the small and very impressionable children.

Children in digital trance

The children can achieve a trance-like state associated with these interactions, and the mother of the aforementioned TV show saw this reaction in his boy.
He saw so strong stimuli, that he almost became addicted.

If you take the helicopter perspective and look down on yourself and other adults, Do you know enough good feeling.
The need to check the social media / news sites / sports scores / fashion tips, etc..
The feeling of being 'naked’ without phone.

Children clay

You and I are adults, developed people. Our patterns of stimuli are rather determined.
The child is a lump of clay, who needs a helping hand. ALSO when it comes to digital services!
Tv is not the same, when the interactive option is not present. Yet.

So, tablets and other interactive offers CAN be harmful, but only if the opposite is used.

I am a strong advocate for all digital, but I am also a champion of togetherness, presence and participation.
Give the children a mental helmet, by being there for them in their digital development.
You can not keep them from scratches, but they will not break your neck and rarely seriously off.

And can we get some rest from the mass hysteria! Damn.

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