Green difference

It may be hard to believe, but a small piece of green can make all the difference.

The technique has been used for film and television for years, and with the advent of 3D, it has become even more widespread.

As the creators of Doink animation app developed Green Screen by Doink was a perfect opportunity to further develop our workshop.

The success was to mark 🙂

After a course my colleague Martin introduced iStopMotion, and it was the base for the children's film.

I was greatly influenced by my visit to The Animation Workshop, where I had seen a completely green screen room.

For lack of space, I went to sign the workshop stores and found 5 pieces of green cardboard.

2014-01-21 11.56.05

After having cleared the drawing board, pulled around in a second table and found cardboard boxes as well as a pack of gum learn (the technical name the adhesive) was' studio’ ready.

As kid I am now, I went immediately started to test it.

One thing is, what I have in my head but something else is, I pass on to the children.

The process was relatively simple.

First I made a stop motion film with 2 Elephants.

I chose to do a quick animation in Doink and shortly was the product ready.

In no way revolutionary, but an example that kids could understand.

Then came the children and as things progressed quickly!


The table was taken immediately, and with plastic animals, LEGO and what else was available, was created film interchangeably.

However.. first the children had to sit down and make a script.

The decision on this was not hard to take after, Having seen children throw themselves headlong into stop motion film as absolutely no sense gave.

Now they think and know what to do.

Suddenly, even the rather impulsive boys deeper and better to show what they thought.

Many of the films were still insane but they were thoughtful 🙂

There was simply not enough room at the green screens, so many began to make their own short films outside around. Ingenuity long live!

First came the boys but then came the girls.

Boys versus girls

Where boys are often wild, cluttered and more unstructured so are girls often judicious, implemented and thoughtful.

One day came a bunch of big girls in and took the workshop by storm. A quiet one at.

There was prepared, thought, discussed and in all ways assessed how the process should be.

In a short time, there were more great movies up.

Not only that every image was well thought out. Subsequently, recorded audio, so it was a 'real’ film.

I was so impressed, I took this opportunity and asked two of the filmmakers, Lilli og Alva, I had to do an interview with them about stop motion.

They immediately said yes, and after permission from their parents, I sat down with them to talk about it. Det interview kan her her.

Green with green – Whatever!

It is with cardboard has its advantages and disadvantages. Indeed most disadvantages, so a Tuesday, I got enough, borrowed SFO'ens Panduro card and purchased green fabric.

VERY green fabric.

With the needle, elefanttyggegummi (still adhesive) and scissors were the more uniform green screen to.

There was also enough to fill the couch, and thereby create more room for activities.

New materials bring new ideas started.

Two of 'my’ regular customers forte than.

Luke and a few of his friends went suddenly in the traditional paper stop motion, mixed with a teddy bear, without any interference from me.

Ointment, one of 'the stars’ from the interview, teamed up with another girl.

I made a comment about, that one day I had to make a glove for them, so they could move things around without being seen. Alva just looked at me, the fabric on the sofa and asked why we did not use it?

Wise cubs are the true teachers. In walking with scissors and needle, and then I made a long glove / bag.

Before long, the glove is not enough, and Alva was almost dressed in green fabric.

To achieve the best results they should remember not to make too many shadows, for it was not so easy to remove afterwards.

They also had to also sande, the green roof is not appropriate for a green screen film.

Stop motion and green screen is quite simple to use and get started with.

We use iStopMotion and Green Screen by Doink.

There are many different kinds of apps, but these have been those we found best to use.

Just remember to illuminate the green enough, otherwise it is difficult to separate from the film's action.

Have fun!