It has been very quiet the past 20 days.
Many good reasons lies behind this, and several life changes are the result.

For PGN this entails, that from. 1/2 -15 the site 'upgrades’ from 'just’ a blog, to also be the base for a new life as an independent.
Not only am I writing about, and assessing, various tools, approaches a.o.
Now I am available as a specialist, consultant, speaker and educator for adults, who want to develop their own practices or simply know more.
I will of course continue my courses for children, and in time expand my repetoire from just animation to even more fun things.

At the same time, I have now given my practise a single lable:
Digital Creative Education.
For this I have created a manifesto, which will soon be posted on this page.

So with steady steps, I and PGN moves towards an exciting new era.
I hope that you – dear reader – will accompany me.
It'll be fun!