The idea of ​​school reform is good, but the practice is far from possible in its original entirety.

Longer school days were introduced, so everyone had a chance, to get more out of learning.

Homework Cafes and supportive teaching should give all children an opportunity, to experience different teaching and have free, when they got free.


In May, it was about. 2 years ago, that school reform has. Since its inception, I have personally marked impact, and through several posts made my order, to tell about it.

This status was therefore necessary, for what would have happened in the two years?

The same can be said for lesson amount.

the idea was, that they should be made at the school and thus give children free, at have fri.

The opposite has happened in several places, where children amounts of homework exceeds the few hours of homework, which schools have the time and staff to.

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