I had planned a series about Snapchat but reality got in the way.

The shootings Saturday and Sunday has put in me, and done that I do not want something so pointless right now.
Instead, I started an animation about, what terrorism is, from a historical perspective.
Not, who is evil or good, guilty or innocent but why it happens and has happened.
And what we as human beings can do, regardless of age,

There is not much else I can do right now, which makes a difference to those who lost their lives.
Where I can do anything, is in the form of my experience and profession.

I can disclose, what terror is in a way that children understand.
So I do, all the while I feel helpless, when, angry and sad.
Snapchat must wait, until I are easier on the heart.
There is frightened children and adults in Denmark, and if I can do just a little, I am satisfied.