In Denmark anno 2017 has 84 %* of us smartphones against 2011, where only 33 % of us had taken the technology to us.

It all started officially in 2007, since Apple released the first iPhone*, and since then the struggle to be in the consumer's pocket was sharp, especially between 2 types of smartphones: iOS-powered devices from Apple and Android powered from, among others. Samsung, LG and in recent times, Huawei.

This is a study of, how the Danes have chosen to 'adapt’ the first thing they see, when they open up their smartphone; frontpage.

An investigation, which started as curiosity and material to the podcast Alpha Wave, but ended up as a glimpse of the modern Dane's life. Volunteering submitted screenshots of the mobile front, have I* taken it upon myself to analyze the submitted photos to see, what we really emphasize and, there may be identified some trends.

In order to make stop motion, what is it we humans have chosen to prioritize our – often – always present and personal smartphone?

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2017-11-21 16:21:35

number of covers: 292

original release date:

2017-10-30 14:21:13

number of covers: 292

basic information

The first thing I have chosen to look at, have sex, type of smartphone and media platform which people chose to give me their screenshots on.

The interesting thing is, the trends are dominant among the Danes of the set of the device and the choice of media platform by gender. Who prefers what?

Analysis of backgrounds

What people choose to have as backgrounds?

Analysis of the setup

What have we of priority, when we need to organize our front?

Coming soon

Coming soon

Analysis of APP choice

What people choose to have apps on the first page? Are there patterns to track?

Coming soon

Coming soon

Participate in the further exploration. Submit YOUR mobile front!

It does not require much of you, participation. Take a screenshot of the first page of your mobile – NO MATTER how exciting, cluttered or unattractive you think it is. Unless you specifically allows me, nobody else will see it take.

Answer few questions, and you are part of a journey of discovery into the Danes announce 2017!

Thanks in advance.

Defining the front / first page of your smartphone:

Approaching, which pops up as soon as you opened your mobile.

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FAQ – questions and answers

Why are you doing this study?
I'm doing survey, to give an insight into modern man. Our mobile phones are often an extension of us, and the way we organize it on says a lot about us.
How did you study?

It started as a indskyldelse in connection with the recording of the podcast Alpha Wave. The subject was apps, and I wanted to see people's mobile covers.
Inspiration was based on my actions in connection with, to use own mobile active in the education of children. Since then I have been very aware of my mobile's setup and, I show people the.
With years of experience with technology under its belt, it turned, to be a goldmine of information about man. Therefore indskyldelsen to a concrete analysis, which you can read here.

How do you use the analyzes?
I use analysis as material for my work with children, young people and adults in our modern society. Be it as part of the articles, books or presentations I make.
Can others access to the total, submissions?
What it is used for?
I use it for, to learn more, so
Is it anonymously to send a screenshot into?
There, you decide. During the upload process you get the opportunity if you want to remain anonymous or not.
Do you get paid to do it?
No. It is pure interest to me.

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