A few weeks ago I went on full-time sick leave for at least 1-2 months. Reason: stress.
After having tried, and failed at all possible strategies, I had to give in.
The implementation of the Danish school reform, and the complete restructuring of my work place, was too much.

It was damn hard to admit to myself, that, in the end, it had gone too far!
My family had been trying to get me to comprehend the severity for a month or so, trying to make me understand that I was in too deep, but when you are a hardworking, committed person and really want make it work… Well, then it's hard to say stop.

The famous last drops came, when my branch of the SFO was completely restructured and moved to new (worse) facilities, and my workshop, for all means and purposes, had to be rebuilt from scratch.

One more thing, one more rebuild…

Add a major school reorganization and expansion of the no. of classes, and I ended up collapsing.
Had it just been one of those things, it been easier to deal with, but all together. It was way too much.

I am slowly beginning to make sense of myself again, and the blog helps me get back to my core area.
My abilities have not changed – my energy just disappeared like snow in the sun.

So while I work myself back on my feet, there will be published new and exciting things on the blog.
It is, after all, my passion and my core abilities, so what better way could there be :)?

An extra big and loving thought goes out to my colleagues, my children and all the rest of you, who struggle in the new reform.
Those, who either have to, want to or can stay.
I hope your hard work pays off and, that our children will thrive.

Break a leg!