This video is a call for all to understand, what the Danish school reform does to children as well as staff in the after-school programs and schools.
It is not a lamentation, nor a complaint.
This is a report on the state of affairs, a glimpse into the everyday reform has brought with it.

We need to have a balanced debate!

Short version of the video

Long version of the video

The video is divided into several parts.

Before it really began – from 01:54:28
When school reform came – from 04:15:24
The reality dawned on us – from 07:02:01
Second week of school reform – from 08:27:15
The children's first reactions – from 09:29:28
Educational teaching opposed school reform expectations – from 10:35:07
The new everyday – from 12:41:24
Retraining – from 15:21:10
Children's adaptability – from 17:37:27
Children's lack of adaptability – from 18:38:08
Powerless Unit – from 19:19:21
The small success stories – from 20:13:28
School Reform and the appeal accordingly – from 21:15:23
The new reality – from 23:29:24
The teacher as a teacher – from 25:30:10
Supportive Education – from 29:16:12
The Future? – from 31:42:20
Public opinion – from 32:31:23
Consequences – from 33:34:20
When the experience is lost in exhaustion – from 36:34:14