Then the school reform adopted from 2014. I sit as an educator and hear the word 'teacher’ time and again while we educators are pushed all the way to the periphery. I have previously feared the fate of my colleagues without commitment to school now ends in. Nu er jeg virkelig bekymret for SFO’ernes skæbne 🙁

The reform is in point form

  • A lesson with sports, exercise and movement every day.
  • Several hours into Danish and mathematics from 4.-9. great.
  • Students receive English already from 1. great.
  • The students will have German or French from 5. great.
  • Craft and design, new subjects and replaces woodwork and needlecraft.
  • Homemaking renewed for madkundskab.
  • New National knowledge center for history and heritage.
  • More electives from 7. great.
  • The final exams should be given increased importance of inclusion in secondary education.
  • Increased parental influence and student involvement.
  • Strengthened class management and reduced anxiety in elementary school.
  • More flexible team formation rules clearer emphasis on master class.
  • All teachers have until 2020 have teaching competence - representing main subject - in the disciplines, they teach.
  • Training of school principals, Teachers at school.
  • Closer cooperation between teachers, educators and staff with other skills.
  • Corps of learning consultants.
  • New Council for Children's Learning.
  • A number of legislative simplification of the Education Act, so municipalities and schools greater freedom to organize teaching in the school.


In addition, they noted that children in 0-3 to go 30 hours in school, 33 from 4.-6 and 35 hours from 7.
I am so upset right now. What will my future now? I hope BUPL enter the field and do something. Do not know what, men jeg er dælme mismodig lige nu 🙁