I have been at home under the covers today.
Whether it is the kind of cop or the ability to take care of myself, is hard to say, but the choice is made.
Today I just can not.

Like the vast majority of my colleagues, I have been running around like a hanged cat for several weeks.
Already on Monday, we looked at each other and recognized fatigue.
It was Monday.

Tuesday, it was still a struggle to keep it from the door, and it remains. Every day.
Yesterday I began to freeze, and when I had to cross my class into, was one of the children first comment: “You look tired, Eva”.
It was I. It is I.

And sore head, throat, body.
The nights are filled with strange dreams, and sleep comes either immediate or delayed for a long time in coming.
Thoughts are so many.
About all this to be achieved, to do.

So yesterday I had a chat about sleep with a colleague.
She can not fall asleep because. mind.
Jeg never think, I've talked so much about sleep at my work before.
At least not the adults'.

Our temps have more or less permanent job after school reform occurred.

Fatigue leads diseases with them, time after time.
Few steadfast or stubborn can not be touch, although they are tired.

So I have been taking my quilt today.
I have no more energy to give of, and my body is telling me that I must be lying.
The bad conscience gnaws, and yet I can not ignore what's happening.
I will not do to run myself into the ground, and who the heck will also benefit from the?

Monday I have the igen, Whatever.
Too much to be done, be achieved.
But not right now.
Now I sleep, rest and care for my aching body.