“EVE! When you write about us?”

Samuel, Modouba and Benjamin was on the trip from the club with the sole purpose to visit me (acc. the selv). Fedterøve * melt *. They had come rushing in with open arms and I got a group hug of 3 10-year-old kids. It rarely happens 🙂

In addition to questioning me about when I publish my article about them and our project, I was introduced to their newest rap. Samuel was a little hesitant but Modouba struck uncertainty over the “only Eva”, and then I got the uncensored version.

My therapist heart melt a little when pups I have helped along the way come and show me yourself, even after they are stopped at SFO. It shows what my duties are to 🙂

Music and leisure has always hung together.

When I was a kid it was an educator named Erik, which together with us in a cellar and taught bars, rhythms, instruments and bandånd. He is probably the only teacher I still remember the name of, and at the beginning of this year I had the opportunity to give the inheritance further.

Those 3 aforementioned boys showed up with some mates and presented me a rap they were about to write.

At that time I had not shown my kids musical side, so it came as a surprise to them, when I offered other assistance than just writing help. I can still remember seeing Modouba deep in the eye while I asked him, if they were serious about it. Rarely have I seen so fixed a look at the kid, so I gave him the promise, that they were serious so I was the same.

The children were regulars at my workshop, so they jumped on the bandwagon with the same. They had shown no idea what it would involve – the same can be said for me – but at my usual fearless way I jumped in with both feet. The children supplied text and rap, I would help them with music and production.