Almost as everything was ready for a music video came lockout, and all plans halted.

This created understandable frustration among the children no longer be able to implement their plans, but what could we do?

It would require an end to the lockout, and Modouba and Samuel with a camera, to get something that looked like a video in house.
One day they both finally,, they were equipped with a camera and told to capture images and video to their music video.
The result was a story of a friendship, I chose to mix with footage from the first recording.
Centime, which was about a girl, suddenly a video about the friendship among boys. A very important part of the 10 year-old's life.

It took me a whole weekend to get trawled the video together – again with more dedication than I probably should have brought to the project – but it was my last project with the boys before they would have to.

They were exceedingly happy, and it was my parting gift to a bunch of lovely boys.

It also gave me a lot of invaluable experience in music production and children. Experiences, I will use again.

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