I'm sur.
I am angry.
I am indignant.

I just saw the rerelease of the DR3's program ‘Experiment – is violent video games harmful?’

For the record I put out with a disclaimer.

I oppose, that young children play war games, because their brains are not mature enough to interpret what they see.

When it is said, I most emphatically blame DR3 for a biased, unfair and inappropriate removals 'results', most of all recalls scholastic fra middelalderen.

Briefly, this experiment is based on 40 boys than 20 minutes. Half player war game Counter Strike, while the other reads a ungdomsbog.

Then 'test’ the children's sensitivity by exposing them to two tests.
The first deals with them to see violent images.
The second deals with a mock interview, where their willingness to help tested whether they will pick up some pencils, as interviewer 'comes to’ pushing on the floor. While the interviewer continues to question the boys.

The results read include. by observing the pulse and observing videotapes of children.
In advance, the two participating experts are very critical, and it is evident that they interpret what they see from their own reservations.
Especially børnespykologens antipathy shines through the whole experiment.

'Profit', if you can afford to call it that, was reading the boys' heart rate increased more violent at the sight of the violent images, while the computer boys lagged equally.
At the same time helped 5 reading boys to create pencils up while 'only’ 1 Computer boys did the same.
So with this very narrow margin and otherwise very frivolous test, it was concluded that there was an adverse effect.

As professionals specializing in children and IT, I believe that the study was set up to fail.

For starters, the test was only carried out once the 20 minutes.
There was not decided on the children's psyches, environmental or heritage.
There was no requirement of prior activities, nor subsequently.
The experiment was carried out again, either repeatedly or where the study groups' activity was reversed.

In addition, there are factors such as, the boys 12-13 years very rarely will find it particularly exciting to sit quietly in 20 minutes and read. Therefore, their heart rate be lower.
Reading is a solitary activity, that does not create participation with other, while computer games are often the focal point of great social activity.
A fact which test showed but was omitted.

At the same time stimulates the computer several centers in the brain and keeps a running, so that the pulse will be higher. The fact that the test also showed.
The commitment by the reading was by no means nearly as deep as in the computer game.

I associate with daily children, if parents let them play violent games without regard to age restriction.
Although I far from agree with their decision, the children with normal families, good social tone and general intelligence – emotional as well as intellectual – good, rare unger.

I have yet to meet a child, the callous nature due to violent games.
Should there be a lack of social or emotional characteristics, it is never in their game consumption that the reason must be found.

Therefore – dear parents. Do not be intimidated by this kind of propaganda!
But let damn the children be children for long enough to, to develop a common sense and a more developed world, before they play GTA and other violent games.


The picture is a still picture taken from the program,