When I woke up last Friday it was obvious to me that today would be the day! Today the children had to learn stop motion animation. With LEGO bricks.

FACT: Stop Motion film is made frame by frame, rather than a liquid image sequence (as a regular movie). Examples: Walter and Faithful and The pirates! Both made of Aardman Animations – a company from England who are known for their fantastic claymation (plasticine animations).

App for that glorious day I had installed several months before, so it was just to throw myself into it. This glory by name Stop Animator are (basically) free for both iPad and iPhone. Did I mention it is glorious? There is of course at this rose thorns, I shall come back to later.
There are many alternatives on the app store but in the case of children, I prefer not, To complicate the process more than necessary.

Stop Animators simple design makes it so easy to use, it is set to the age limit 4+.