post-lockoutNøj, the lockout was crap! Its efterdynninger still alive and I can not figure out how long they will continue.
Personally, it has given me stress. Just the thought of having to stand alone with the responsibility for my class is enough to make me batty.

Before all messed started I had the feeling that it would not be good for me, but what can you do? I had to do my job, whatever character, for the children who came to care for.
We started with the idea of, we just have to monitor. It held for about. 1 week and so had a form of everyday established.

How do you do that when you do not have to teach? You try to be creative. Very difficult, when you have no idea how long the dung keeps!

Now teachers back, and their stress is pronounced. What can they manage to teach children? How many have fallen so far behind that it is not to rectify?
I try – not fully successful – to let my work be at my workplace. It is just so very! We start 1. class a few months and all backlog weigh.

I wonder how long we will see the effects of lockout? Will future generations identify themselves as' them, who experienced lockout '?

I get told, I get thicker skin with time. It's just not sure I feel like it.