Self-portrait by Julie

Julie is as such an ordinary girl 16 years of age. Of the, where she differs from most other teenage girls, that her life has been harder than any child in Denmark should experience. Since she was 9 years of age, she has been in residence places outside the family. We first met in June.

Before the summer started I a collaboration with Dell EMC about Hylleholt residence for girls in Faxe Ladeplads.

A place, where girls between 13 and 22 years old, when it is no longer possible to stay solid at home. Common to them is, that they have experienced failure time and time again, and therefore end up in the category 'neglected children and young people'. I went there, to give a presentation for the girls.
target: Giving them the opportunity, getting just a bit of power over their often powerless life.
Midlet: Technology.

This article is made with the consent of Julie – one of the bravest girls I have long met.

through pictures, text or video to their stories disseminated in formats such as DE determines. formats, not dictated by unfortunate circumstances or other people's stories about, who they are.
through design, be it through code or graphics, they can shape the world for the, they want.
Quote from the article Technology can give the girls power (back) over their own lives

From talking to practice

Such As. 10 girls sat engaged and listened in 30 minutes. That in itself was a victory, for it is far from all, wherein the power of concentration are in the top. If they did not bother to listen, had they done clearly aware of it. It gad they thankfully, and it was subsequently clear, together we had a concrete opportunity to show the girls, how this could be acted out.

Dell has 6-7 years supported Hylleholt with technology, good experiences and role models, so it was obvious that I came to also. With the equipment and the framework in order, I went in early October down with a Dell. Prepare var 3 worshops at the girls' home.
If just one of them found a way to use their vote in, it was a success.

We tried in any way to 'rescue’ anyone. It is rarely an option, in the case of teenage girls, whose life has brought them out of the home.

We can not stop girls from, feel powerless. We can not prevent, the need for control makes some girls to self. We can not yet prevent, that girls in many respects be regarded as worth less, fragile, preyed, appliances and much more.

We CAN and MUST give the girls access to the tools, which can give them the power back in some format, and here is the technology the obvious solution.

Quote from the article Technology can give the girls power (back) over their own lives

From frustration to action

Julie had already presentation made aware of his need for, to tell his story. She appeared on the first workshop day with a clear vision, after which a portion brainstorming was to, she should start blogging.

picture from 2. day workshop

I had already chosen to use for the purpose, so as easily to give the girls control of both design and content. One of the cool DigiPippi girls Did you have 2016 made to video tutorials om Wix, so they came into use.

From the outset had been the starting point, we saw some of the girls would even show up. The cute girls are not the most stable and accountable meeting sizes, but that's just the way it is. In addition to Julie came 2 others, which unfortunately fell over the next few times.

Julie, In contrast, the. On with the, on!

All the girls, who want to change the world - be it their own or others - can do it. They can start today! There is desperate need them in our common future, and all deserve a good future.

Quote from the article Technology can give the girls power (back) over their own lives

The title of the blog came almost immediately:

Julie's journey from little girl to adult female

Da var sat on blogging, the next task is to describe themselves, So how do you do it? What will people know, and what SHOULD people know. Julie has chosen to come forward with full name, but only after we had talked a lot about the importance of the. There is safety in anonymity, but for Julie, the message is backed up by the best, she stands up. For her it is not about, exposing themselves. It's about, using his voice, his experience and his life, to tell about, how it is to be up residence.

Many girls in this situation can find at, to try different forms of self-control, for it is human, to need some kind of control. This udmønstrer the particular. in self-harm - physical and psychological - or hurt by others. Untenable and even more disruptive behavior, as does the opposite of, what girls want themselves.

In our modern tech world, udmønstrer it also online. With a camera at your fingertips, and a whole world to see,, can torment Ministry continue. Powerless Unit disseminated in a misguided attempt, to have some kind of control. This is done in desperation and impotence, and is a version of peeing in your pants for, keeping warm.

Quote from the article Technology can give the girls power (back) over their own lives

The first blog post

Before last workshop day Julie had had a task: Think of headlines or short sentences on topics, there should blogged about. It requires little, going from brain swarming to content, so she got 14 days to ponder.

The result was obvious, da we arrived. The course was night gutters, and the work was now to get a memorial to, to become a coherent story. By recounting process for me in little bits at a time, Julie found quite quickly out of, what the essence was. The story took shape while she wrote loose, to suddenly stop. The recollection of memory had brought feelings, she had not thought about.

Once you have experienced it, on good Danish called 'shit’ in his life, it may require some to embark on the kind of feelings. Writing them down and show them – it is a clean country gains. We talked about emotions and about, how strong it was of her to stand by them. They came with the post, which ultimately was not about running around at night but about friendship between vulnerable girls.

Julie found her voice, got put it in writing and received Christmas lights in the eyes of the. And I'm mega proud might!

Follow Julie's voice

When I was about to say goodbye to Julie the last time, it was not a real goodbye. I will keep in touch with her and grateful to every one of her upcoming blog posts.

In the case of, writing this article I asked her a good picture. It was self-portrait at the top. She told, she will work to get a new message out every Thursday, and I read with! Jump in the or go on her open Instagram profile