There are things I say in my work, I never would have thought.
The other day was no exception.

“You must not kill him”, I heard myself say for 3. time, then I found myself in an educational recognizable situation regarding 3 boys and their inability to cooperate. The incident took place just is not only a physical space but also on a Minecraft server.

Donald had beaten the girl with headphones to death by accident, and revenge were unfairly taken.

Things flowing manifest to the nearest on Minecraft server, as a power struggle among 6-7 olds were outplayed in the physical space of whom, who owned what and why.

In far, who had just picked up her daughter from a game about baking, hundeplejning or modeling dream, stood still in the door while I was trying to get the 3 fighting cocks to agree.

After having tried, Having considered the situation a few minutes, he constantly smiling, I had her hands full. Oh, and!

On the surface, it 'just’ resemble breeze but downstairs there is great emotion at play. Exactly the same, as if Donald had broken the rules in a time waster and soldiers or Stratego. The only difference is, the objects and the play in the case of, takes place in a virtual universe. The difference seemed perhaps large, but it is not at all.