I often use technical or modern names for things, and to make it easier to understand what I'm talking about, I have created a dictionary.

PM Console Platfome Smartphone Singleplay Multiplay MMO FPS Vector

PM – cards Private message or private message. Often used as a kind of Internet mail system on sites such as Facebook.

Console – general term for machines such as Playstation, Nintendo Wii, Xbox, PS Vista, Nintendo DS and other.

Platforms – common name for different computer operating systems such as Windows, Mac OSX, Linux and others but also for console systems for Playstation, Nintendo Wii, O.a Xbox.

Smartphone – designation for mobile phones with large screens, Fi, plenty of programs, Camera and much more. Essentially small handheld computers with telephone. Best known are iPhones, Samsung and Nokia.

Singleplay – a game 1 person

Multiplay – a game 2 or more people

MMO – forkortelse for Massively Multiplayer Online. A term used to games like Starcraft, MineCraft, World of Warcraft, Lord of the Rings Online og mange andre. Another term for it is MMORPG – Massive Multiplayer Online Roleplayer Game

Skype (JPEG streaming Skyper, at Skype) – an application which makes it possible to communicate with the text, speech and image. Typical in-game with others who are not in the same room as a.

Frames Per Second (FPS) – the term for the number of frames played per second in a movie or animation. Normal he 24 frames per second, even though it has recently been possible to 48 per second in the film Hobbit

Vector – the name of a way to draw on the computer, tablets o.a. Vector is based on points, lines and shapes which can be easily manipulated as they are based on mathematical calculations, which appears as a graphic. For more in-depth explanation, it is recommended to visit the English Wikipedia page .