It has long been one of the huge problems among youth online; the ability to, sharing very intimate photographs and videos without consent.

Now is approached by Facebook led to Denmark's biggest case on illegal image / video sharing among young.

And excuse my language – but it was fame time.

Even before Emma Holten was one of Denmark's first visible victims, Internet has been full of this kind of illegal sharing, and the police have been largely powerless. It is extremely organized, but pop groups, closes almost immediately and only just open long enough, that can be shared pictures.

In October, I attended a meeting at Children's conditions, which talked among others. fell on this huge problem. Here I got a brief glimpse into one of these groups, and it was not a pleasant one of its kind.

Not, as such, surprised me, as I have studied the phenomenon and its impact on young people for many years. I just never had access to one of the groups before. It is not something you'll easily, and outside above it is not safe to try unraveling of the kind. Those 99 % of users are 'just’ ordinary people, but the last 1 % is among the worst of the worst.

Many of the young is not it,I would call deliberate lawbreakers. They follow a stream, who are their contemporaries, and the use of the option because it is. Much of this behavior is due, that we have failed them in their digital upbringing, and abandoned them so they had to figure things out for yourself.

I've talked about it many times – it is the god of flies. Blind leading the blind. Children and teenagers, who have not had any in the back, to help them to stop in time. For we adults did not know better. Did not know how.

The kind is no longer workable, and now we need to put into. Police are underway, and hopefully this is not the last case.