This past year, toy companies presented us with it, apparently is the ultimate interactive toy.
But are we ready for the type of data exchange with toy manufacturers, and what it can mean for our children?

I throw a blik on 2 two major players in this new branch of toys, and the consequences of use.

Mattel sendte Hello Barbie på gaden, as using Wifi, remote computers with voice recognition and storage of information, can lead seemingly genuine conversations with the user.

Cognitoys created a cute dino, as using IBM's intelligent software Watson, leads' genuine’ conversations with the user. Again required Wifi and the same kind of technology as the Hello Barbie.

It's probably a natural development in toys, but it brings so many open and unanswered questions with him.
Is the world at all ready for toys, which occupies, analyze and store our conversations?
Are children and their parents aware that they share their lives with strangers, they do not choose?

As I see it, the answer is a clear 'no'.
Intelligent web-based toys are a fine idea, but we are not at all ready for the implications of the.

Small children will open their hearts and minds for some mechanics, to pool their data, disguised as an innocent toy. They thereby linking ties to anything, that neither they nor their parents have an earthly chance, regulating the transparency or. More on that in a minute.

Teknikken bag

For at forstå, why it is not just pure happiness and joy, it is important to go on behind the idea of ​​the toy and look at the technology behind.
How Cognitoy uses IBM's Watson, which has a long history with the development of technology and IT security, Mattel has chosen to cooperate with the app manufacturer ToyTalk.

Both pieces of play equipment works by, that via Wifi allows the toy to retrieve and send data. In this case, speech and words. It happens ikek automatically but by activating the function via a button, app eller handling.
By taking up, what the user says, considers it intelligent software to identify appropriate responses.
Have toy been in use for some time, vil svaret bl.a. be based on previous conversations.
I.e., the user's input (the, is said) have been analyzed by a computer, divided into relevant information and now used to create a personal output (response).

All the, sent and received, Located in popular terms in the cloud.
In real terms, that the data transmitted via cables and satellites into different data center in the world, either EJES af them there collecting data or, by providing a separate.

Ideen med cloud teknologi, as it is called, are, that you can access it anywhere, anytime.
It just requires a user account with a code and a website, app or other software, which has allowed that voice with the data center, the lagrer information.

Smart, can you say. Well, but think about the consequences.

Your data is worth gold

There are already many debates on data, digital privacy and the value it has.
Big Data, which is the common name for all the clues and information we leave online, is its virtual weight in gold. With it, companies, Governments and people with shady intentions find out anything about us.

We adults offers – often unaware – thousands of data and information about ourselves every year.
I.e. by cookies, all Danish sites now must talk about. That makes it easier to search the web, buying online and view movies and series online.

Apps have access to our data via our phones, and the list of things apps can find to ask for, is endless.
Social Media, message services like Messenger and any kind of activity on forums and chats, creates data.
Data about who you are, where you are, what you are doing, what you think about and all you come in contact with.

Even our smart TVs can collect data about you, if you enable voice and motion control, not to talk about the iPhone's Siri and other artificial intelligence in our everyday objects.

It is a world, as the vast majority use, but do not actually know very much about and have trouble figuring out.
It is a world, as we close our kids into without quite knowing, what is happening and what impact it will have on their future lives.

The child's privacy – now built-in toys

Mattel and Cognitoy has opened up a new way to gather data about our children, and it happens when our children are most comfortable and open. In their games.
Well, producers all possible security measures set up, but there are loopholes and gaps in total, he online.

If we for a moment the risk of uncertainty at, Having your child's data stored somewhere on the globe, there is still the human factor.
Not dangerous intruders but those, which is closest to the child. The parents.

Far og mor, grandparents and whoever else has access to the account both companies requiring up, can now be listening in.

Parents can listen to, delete and share their children's conversations using the required apps and user account.
On a par with home videos and pictures from everyday life, the whole world can hear little Soren or Lea talk with their doll, whose father and mother chose to share it.

At present it is hard enough, growing up as a child of the social media, for you will be reminded of all aspects of your life – the rest of your life – thanks to our need to share online.
No matter how hard you try to protect your data, it is a fact that everything, be placed online exist forever.

It is also a fact, that there are no 100 % secure apps, networks and similar. If someone really wants to come, they'll get it.
The same applies to data centers, the future is going to include the child, commissioned in play and private thoughts.

Neither doom or salvation – just common sense

When all this is said, it is also important to understand, it is not about Boycut to the type of toy, as Hello Barbie and Dinoen represents.
This is the future, and there are so many positive opportunities in the.
Unfortunately, as a society we are still hopelessly behind, When it comes to digital education and understanding of our children's digital present, as well as future.

Ultimately, it is about common sense and insight into, what we surround ourselves with.
What we surround our children with.

The dream of living toys are old, and it is fantastic, that we have come so far technologically!
I wanted also speaking, interacting toy as a child, and got a 'speaking’ plush parrot.
Its mechanics were based on a closed network, and was virtually a tape recorder, who said the same thing again and again.
In the 80's the big cases, and I would have given my right hand for a talking Barbie or Dino.

Nu er den her så, and we need to know, what we give our children in the hands and, what we give complete strangers in your hands.

Mattel lover, they do not use the data to, to create advertising for the children and not to give it to others.
It is surely the least demanding. I also want to rely on them, but I will always relate skeptical.

Especially, when our kids we're talking about! They are our responsibility, and we really do not give others more data about them, than necessary.
It is they themselves ample opportunity with age…

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