In the debate about mobile phone free school and collection of mobiles, here's a small Obstructions.

To 4. classes were allegedly stolen their total collected mobiles on Sundbyøster School Amager Friday. 18.11.17.

Facebook debateIn a discussion of Facebook group Amager tells a user about the episode, which of course creates resentment and anger. In order to make stop motion – who would steal from children?

A parent reports in the thread that her daughter saw an unknown man do it, suggesting, it is not employed. Thankfully when. Police have not yet commented on the incident, but hopefully there will be something soon.

The problem here is diverse, and it calls into question many things.

No.. 1: How is it possible at all to get near mobiles?

Were they locked up and they were good enough read inside? An ordinary school locker can easily be opened, and an unprotected and open classroom is a small matter to move unseen in. The school had a policy of rules for maintaining the, and it had taken a position on safety?

I'm afraid the answer is probably no. Schools have no experience, capacity and equipped to handle the valuables of the amount, as an entire class mobiles are. It's a new issue, as many do not have imagined could happen. Which brings me to problem No.. 2:

No.. 2: How do we ensure that this kind does not happen, and who is responsible here?

Because mobiles are private property, the school has no liability, which puts a new question the trend of collection. If to be collected, how should it be done with acceptable safety? This kind of theft can not happen, but it is a real danger, which now brings parents in a challenged economic situation. It is their own insurance, which will replace the mobiles, but the companies have precedent and experience, to address the matter? It is not always, that your insurance covers stolen items outside the home.

I would like to go beyond the point of view 'so they can resist, to take them 'and talk about the factual problem. Many times it is school policy, the children to have their own equipment. still without, that schools are responsible for a packed technology. It is something of a dilemma.

How do we ensure that this kind does not happen? I feel sorry for those poor teachers, who must handle the situation with children, has been robbed in their own school and parents, which now must find the right grimace to the whole situation. That brings me to the issue 3:

No.. 3: Who directed shit storm now against?

The school must now stand skoleret, and what should this kind of precedent teach us? Authority for the school has dropped dramatically, and it is common to both students and parents confronted school staff.

Neither the teachers or school management expect responsiveness here, and we can not expect that weak souls just leave not steal another time. Those poor kids' mobiles gives an idiot money in your pocket, and as long as they are easy to get to, it will happen again. It's easy money. Many of them.

If we look at the average value of an entire class mobile phones, 28 STKS with a head weight of iPhones and other expensive smart phones in different variations, we talk staggering amount of 6 figures. An old iPhone can be sold for more 1000 kr. ($199), so it is a lucrative business.

No.. 4: So what do we do now?

There is a clear need for collection of more schools, since they choose to do so. Mobile is here to stay, and we have to deal with the new problems that come with.

Once again comes the development and its consequences behind us, and we must adapt to new.

Had mobiles lying in the children's bags, theft had been far more costly in time and opportunity, to be discovered. In other words, the collection is easier to steal them to school tomorrow small unguarded moments. There must be resolved, as to become a normal part of the school mobile policy.

It was the first and most obvious problems. Allow me to take the consequences of this kind of theft one step further. Not before, to be alarmist but, to take the worst case scenario also. When I, with many years of experience in children and technique can think tank, people with deleting scenes also make it.

No.. 5: What about the problem areas by, that strangers have children mobiles?

I expect, of course, the children have codes on the phones and, therefore, it is not easy to get into, but will enter, then there are many methods. Without loss of the data on your phone, and data – whatever form – is valuable. In other words, not only the mobile phone, having a value. To know, what children are doing and on the mobile phone can be used for many things, and not everyone is particularly pleasant to contemplate.

Therefore, I hope, the parents of children with the stolen mobiles have changed password ALT, what the children. Social Media, games and all other kinds of apps using the login. ALT. For access to these must not fall into the murky human hands.

The mobile phone is a very private piece of technology, as we design their own preference and behavior. We must be ready to, that our use new situations and we are not prepared, we must learn from our experiences.

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