Being against mobile ban is not a popular stance. 'How can you be too anything, which is harmful? Mobile phones are obviously rubbish, especially for our children. '

Last Thursday I attended DR2s Deadline in a debate with Imran Rashid and Lise Aammitzbøll la Cour on mobile prohibitions and mobile phone free school. the starting point was the chronic by Imran Rashid and Anette Prehn which appeared the same day in Politiken.

Mobilforbud er en kortsigtet og uholdbar løsning. Vi kan ikke give en død dims skyldPeople's reactions are mildly been mixed, but I expected nothing less. It was inter alia. commented, I was unrealistic and did not understand, what happens in practice. For some reason it went many ears past, I am a practitioner who lives what I am speaking about.

The topic of mobile ban must and nuance

Well – in a debate, which arouses so many emotions it is surely difficult to hear the whole. Someone must inherently be in the firing line with your mobile phone, and I imagine like. The topic of mobile ban should and must be nuanced. The mobile phone is made public eye and wish to sacrifice on the scaffold in search of 'the eternal reason'. Consensus has been, the mobile phone is the perpetrator.

I would agree, if it were to give a gizmo blame. A dead, mechanically made things. Mobile can not – or will be – guilty of anything, it requires awareness. It requires continuing, what a piece of technology has not.

That it can be added 'personality' and ‘handling’ through software and applications, which adapts to the human user's needs and wants, do not live. It does not consciously or provides the ability to continue well, creating habits and vices.

Therefore neither can nor will I be against mobile phones and any other kind of 'smart technology'.

We acquire a dead gizmo guilt

It is man, that should be the focus here, for it is we who are the only ones with 'guilt', continue and the ability actions. Either as users or producers.
I'm generally hesitant, using the term 'Convenience' In this context. It is not useful, as it often ends in reproaches and prohibition. just the, that flourish at this time.
We must get away from this approach and focus on human interaction with technology. We must realize and recognize the fact, that we have not used the technology just appropriate because we have not known, how this should be done.

we adults – the so-called digital tenants – has taken it to us at lightning speed, at least privately. Nobody could follow, so in the digital and technological developments slipstream happened it, as always happens in uncontrolled / incomprehensible environments. We have in good faith tried to adapt, and now we are faced with the consequences. The train goes too fast, and we have the choice to stop completely at, smash rails or slow down quietly. None of us knew how we would manage train, So what do we?

Mobile Prohibition is a short term strategy

I advokerer for, that we use the method to slow down, for historically flash solutions rarely made any easier. With each ban has come backlash which was not particularly worthwhile or practical. In my view, it is' wetting for, keeping warm 'solution, which provides immediate effect but do not make a difference in length. What do we learn the children by taking the phone away in learning situations, and only give them the return to fun and games?

The short answer is, we simply reinforce the existing trend. We teach them, making mobile toys over, to give them the tools, it also offers. Should we create livsduelige children, which can manage the world they live in and equip them for the future, we must meet them here and now.

Of course we have mobile breaks

I firmly believe, the children to have breaks from your phone. Many of them! It should not be under their pillow at night or bimle in your pocket in teaching. It is not to create insulation in play situations, used to call parents by conflicts in the school or institution.

Children should basically not equipped with smartphones before they are old enough to understand its value, and mobile phones are not necessary for our young children. Going forward, we should all take the responsibility of our children, and let them be channeled quietly into the mobile world.

It starts with the adults

Here and now we must jointly take responsibility and teach them to use gizmo, as they already have. Parents, Educators, teachers and politicians. It starts with us, dear medvoksne, and claims we do not opportunity, I think, that we fail another generation of children. We need to start with the digital upbringing, and it can only go slowly.

Our young people have been left to themselves, and it's clean 'Lord of the Flies' online. We owe it to them to participate, even though we own actions and lack thereof has laid the foundation for their lives already. What we can do for young people is, giving them responsibility, democratic understanding and use our voksenhjerners capacity and experience, to advise and guide.

It is not easy but we must not stop

I myself have been in the classroom. I've even been on the institution floors. I have mentored and taught colleagues and parents, so I know the frustrations and problems relating to their own body.

There is nothing easy about it here, but that should not stop us from doing it! Prohibition may stop the current battle, but the fight does not stop. The time for conscious, digital upbringing has come, and the first step is to take responsibility. Not just here and now but today and every day thereafter.

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