Oh, over a day has gone and what has Snapchat brought me?

X Factor, for example. And 🙂, it is not the Wild – I know, but it is actually very fun.

Apparently the use of Snapchat a way, to display everything 'here and now', without filter.
Anyway, two of the young participants, and previous winners, show around and chat in a very 'casual’ way.

Something, as Disney apparently fails, and P3 Radio.
Think, to P3 is also on the! It came Bag On Me, but why not when CNN is.

But what about ordinary people?
Out of my 2 'Viewers’ there has been little, so I searched Twitter for a normal user.

After having gotten myself through little too suspicious users, I found 'yourfavoritecat'.
An ordinary young woman, showing sit life.

We only went together a small day, but it is clear what it is all about: the here-and-now of instantaneous moment.

My days of history’ has not been cutting-edge.
In addition to a video with me screaming at my new iPhone 6, I do not know how exciting it was.

It has brought me 2 'Viewers', or whatever you call it. Folk, as looking at one's 'history'.
My first story was not the wildest, but I supposed liiiiiige Started, not?

Maybe I'm not good enough to post trivia and during similarities yet. I promise to be better tomorrow.
Is already started 😉

Today's story has certainly brought a lot more than yesterday, though not all right cozy.

But that's life.

I am looking forward to see, what the next day brings.
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