I really want to understand what is so great about Snapchat. Because I really don't.

It has become more and more mainstream to use the app, and at the workshop yesterday, I was confirmed in the fact that children and young people love it.
One of the presenters told us, that her daughters friend had sent 250.000 snaps!

I'm usually pretty good with the latest trends, but this craze has gone past me.
Simply, because I don't know what to use it for.

So I started asking people on Twitter, what they used it for.
After a few less useful answers, about the more salacious way to use it, I finally got 'through’ to someone with useful answers.

So it is less binding communication? Well, I guess I knew that.

Now, I have no children, but that's really good.

News Outlet? Hmm.. now it becomes even more interesting!
Okay – I surrender.
Next question – whom shall I snap to/ with?

Follow my attempt :)

Follow my attempt 🙂