After having tried, I started as a part-time self in 2012 it is one of the issues, I usually receive and, I barely know what the answer is on.

Not because I do not know what I'm doing. I'm just not a 'put in a single box’ kind, and tend to include everything I feel is relevant.

Since my entry as a full-time independent in the middle 2016 it has not been easier, but I try as.

Usually the first part of my answer;
The short version is, I'm specialist and expert in child and IT with a 360 graders look.”
After the sentence is usually a need for dredging, and then clap trap. In order to make stop motion, people will know what I am, or what I do?

If I start off with who am I, people are often a little confused;

  • very eclectic,
  • self-taught computer geek, which has been stuck at one side 1990,
  • a little too creative 'multi-artist',
  • Rudolf Steiner trained educator (it strikes like people a little out, as computernerd and Steiner works very distant from each other for many. Just not for me),
  • School- and SFO educator,
  • educator, lecturer and consultant and developer,
  • expert in girls and tech (which is why, I founded DigiPippi),
  • plus one can not help but to talk and write about it all. Like with many creative combinations of words and burning passion.

It is not easy to put on one's business card.

For that reason ends answer often to be;
I work with everything related to our digital and technological community to do, based on our children – future adults.

This also makes, to my target audience not straightforwardly a narrow field, but the common denominator is always people, which will make the world a better place for our children.
My clients and partners Therefore politicians, ministries, companies, municipalities, uddannelsesinstistutioner, Teachers, the children themselves and their parents.

If you want to make use of my eclectic experience, you can benefit contact me and listen closer. If necessary. more on my core services within lectures, consultancy, writing and teaching at