It strikes hard

A colleague was talking about the fatigue that arises at this time. It is completely different than normal, a heavy and a little ugidig fatigue that strikes hard.

In a normal busy life ends the day with a sense of well-being tired, a job well done.
Recent weeks revolution has brought a new – and less than satisfactory – kind of exhaustion of the. The kind that occurs when one's world suddenly upside down, and you have no idea what the near future will offer.

It feels a bit like wasting one's time, when all one's talents are on standby because there are none to use them.

Moreover haunts the idea of ​​the upheaval it is when everyday eventually in force again. Not for us educators as such. It's more the kids and my teacher colleagues I think of.

Today the government went out and said that they will not intervene. The conflict must take its course, acc. Corydon and Thorning.
Suk. But they can not agree! Now stick the government has shown its tail between your legs and try to avoid taking a stand.

It's a little like witnessing a will power struggle between two stubborn children, which many newspapers and others have portrayed.
One researcher has even gone so far as to say, the conflict resolution to be used, are properties of the conflict should have learned in 0. great.

Mine 0. class children by at least well what to do, when two do not get along and can no longer solve it yourself: reach out to an adult. The question is – Who are the 'adults’ here?