When I 1. October 2013 sat down with LEGO Mindstorms for the first time it was love at first sight.

Unfortunately, it took 5 months before I really got started with the 'pill', and early April I got the tentative free among children.

Another success was started.

The kids had long gone and looked hungrily at the two unopened packages, but something as complex as a LEGO robot is not something I just spender.

Especially not, When paragraph. price is 3000 (!) kr.

The children, however, was completely wild, and I had just spent the day together with the other SFO IT leaders at Frederiksberg.
We adults had used 3 hours just to explore the LEGO Mindstorms, which I had 'my own *’ 'Dog **’ with the.
I had helped my colleagues and now I was ready to proceed with the kids!

Two boys, Erik and Sam, was immediately.

Along with a few friends each, did they start with the basic recipe.

I was also playing with PC programming mounting portion on 'my own *’ robot.
Two girls came and wanted to be with. They began to play with it and make suggestions on how I should program the.

The whole day was playing with robots.

I was the only one who programmed. The boys steered their with an iPad app, and the girls asked obstacles and up to 'my dog ​​**'.

My plan to get the kids on board were not quite. Not, I can blame them.
Novelty worthy and severity of the programming part can faze anyone 🙂

The day was a great success, and I could not resist filming underway.

Se videopræsentationen her:

Keep up with my experiments with Lego Mindstorms EV3 at This YouTube list.

*The robot I am using the SFO Universe estate, lent to me as a tool to develop courses for children. I'm just quite in love with the, so that's why I call it my own 🙂
One day I afford my very own!

**The robot I use has been dubbed a dog because. the first program series I made for the.