Sometimes I wish I was a little girl again. Today is no exception, and if I were to wish me a doll for Christmas, it would be this one: The Lammily doll!

Unlike Barbie and Bratz, she is a normal, pretty girl who looks like a – tadaaa – girl.
Not an overly made up fashion model with unrealistic proportions.

One of my friends on FB linked to it today, and I immediately had to ask my brother if my bonus niece still plays with dolls.

She doesn't – darn – but why should other little girls not idiots 🙂
Lammily started as a Kickstarter project, and are available for $25 in the US. For people in Euro remember Customs and VAT rules….
For info look here:

Also see this video, where a group of preschool children get their hands on her and describe her. It is so sweet.

Although I'm not a little girl anymore, I still think I would want her to me of Santa Claus 🙂