I apologize in advance, but I have to start with a LEGO the Movie reference:

SPACESHIIIIP! Or – in my case – ROBOTTEEEEER! And code pirates…

How to Tuesday and Wednesday at the Learning Festival 2015 best described from my perspective.

I had the pleasure to get together with other CodingPirates from Copenhagen and Aarhus, and a handful of lovely children from the three Copenhagen offices in Hellerup, Tårnby and ITU.

Dressed in earth's most scream-green t-shirt, we got geeky us through 3D printing, plane crash, game programming and – , most importantly: robots!

Jeg havde min Mindstorms EV3 robot hund med 🙂

We were hardly come from start 1. days, before people began to flow to.

It was evidently clear to others, we had the enormous fun, and on day 1 3D printer was the main attraction at our stand.

In fact I had so much fun, I do not got to see some of the interesting presentations, I had planned.
Heldigvis var en masse of civil, I had visited and enjoyed.
Most of them – no, all – digital content!

The var kæmpeskærme

and.. digital game meetings analog

and robots a lot!!



Dash & Dot


and the cute, small Ozobot

It will come back to in a future article, for besides being cute as bar faen, er den not, intuitive and good to use. 3D printers controlled also a lot of the show

and there was actually 4 various represented at the festival.

Should anyone doubt, I had it hilarious, and when some of my medpirater made a pop-up stand in the foyer, it did not take long before I ended up out there.

I actually ended up on his stomach on the floor along with a pirate kids, Daniel, where we spent several hours trying to calculate ozobottens actions.
Hope, at jeg kan fingrene i et af de billeder folk tog af os 😀

Anyway, I convinced my local CodingPirates President, that we should have robots, so it will hardly be the last time.

Learning Festival was a great experience, and I have a lot of new things to address.