This is a course for you, who are accustomed to using an iPad or iPhone, but actually are not aware of, what 'is under the hood'.

During the 2 hours, you and other women will be guided through the back end of the operating system iOS in a safe environment. Whether it's an iPad or iPhone is basically the same.

Many women use daily their iPad / iPhone.
It has been our calendar, our game and our typewriter.

Many women have the opportunity to implement only a superficial knowledge of their iPad / iPhone. Where to watch for settings, change settings, etc., leaving it to others.

Often, the reasons, the woman can not or will find out.
But - what can and should be able to
Therefore, I will help you safely on the road. Woman to woman.

This is a course, which gives YOU power over your device.

You - Not your spouse, girlfriend, colleague or your children.

Price: 250 kr. per person, minimum 10 women
Time: 28.11.15 from 10 to 12
Place: Laplandsgade 4, 2300 Copenhagen S
Contact me or 20215121 for nærmere info!

If you want to have the course to your city? Please contact me at the above info for a quote.