2014-10-08-14.57.25 I surround myself with the baddest chicks!
Well, I do.
Today I threw code app Lightbot Jr after them when I opened my workshop at SFO, and discovered that hiding some small code geeks among them 😀

Especially a boy showed enormous potential.
In one hour he had completed 2 out of 5 levels, and was started with 3.

2014-10-08-14.57.17The boy is not usually a considered academic or mathematical strong, so it was a real pleasure to see it.

Anyone can get started with basic code understanding, and if you do not bother apps are free option via http://studio.code.org.
Here you can see small hunt stupid pigs with Angry Birds, and older children (and adults) can go even more in depth.

Much of it has been translated into Danish, so it is easy to access.
Lightbot JR is not yet in Danish, but I'm working on it becomes 🙂