UUV-dagsseddelThis was the week, where it finally managed to get MIG pressed in through the cracks in school reform.
Nøj, I'm so tired.

Firstly, it took twice as much preparation time than I have on the table.
Second, it required to think about the techniques before I put them together with the objectives.
Because goals are so many!!

On the walls of the classes are posters up and down, as viser goal after goal after goal….
Dimensions in Danish, English, mathematics, etc.. We are all a little crazy, When we constantly have to make conscious goals.
Granted, to the visual aspect of, Having goals made visible all the time makes it easier to remember, What to learn / learned. There are only so many.

So I've done, what I do best. 'Hacked’ school reform by taking my skills and then subsequently added goals.
It's the only way I can get it to work pt. And the kids love it!

From, having tire, uninterested and troubled children, I have this week had only happy, dedicated and energetic children.
With a few exceptions at the beginning, course, but I got them along with.
Mine 2. classes screams “ROBOTS” and I 3. great “iPADS”, and in the midst of the organized chaos it offers I stand and get a glimpse of me again.

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